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Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • We’re excited to release new features to LiveSwap!

    LiveSwap New Features
    Slide Templates Access new presentation slide templates
    Create Design Our updated Create Design flow now allows users to create designs from images. Simply drag and drop any image to the page and choose to fit canvas to image or choose a custom size.
    Photo Masking Mask any photo into a shape from our library or into your own custom shape in seconds. What only professionals could do, can now easily be done by anyone.
    Transparent Backgrounds We now support exporting images as transparent png's. Simply change the Background color to Transparent and export as .png.
    Strokes On Shapes You can now easily add color strokes to any shape.
    Custom Canvas Shape Whether you’re designing for apparel or making a sticker, set the canvas as any custom shape based on an svg.
    Updated User Interface Our greatest feedback from users is how easy it is to use LiveSwap. We're excited to release new updates to our editor that's even easier to use and help speed up creating your design.
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador