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Follow our progress updates, news and releases below.

Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • We are pleased to announce that we have added Pexels free photos to LiveSwap! Start adding Pexels photos to your designs directly from the editor.

  • New Feature:
    Apply multiple styles to different characters within a single text box.

  • New Feature: PAGE LAYOUTS!
    Create Page Layouts within the Pages panel. Page Layouts allow you to create and save page designs for re-use across multiple pages.

    Additional Features Added
    Bullet Points You can now insert bullet points when adding text to LiveSwap.
    Page Numbers [#] Type [#] in any text box and it will be replaced by the current page number. If you add or remove pages, the page number will be automatically updated.
    Team Controls Moved Team sharing controls have been moved to the menu on the right side of the editor. Click "Back" when inside the Pages panel to access the Team section.
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • We are thrilled to introduce pages for LiveSwap! Use pages to create presentation slides, double sided print designs and more.

  • We’re excited to release new features to LiveSwap!

    LiveSwap New Features
    Slide Templates Access new presentation slide templates
    Create Design Our updated Create Design flow now allows users to create designs from images. Simply drag and drop any image to the page and choose to fit canvas to image or choose a custom size.
    Photo Masking Mask any photo into a shape from our library or into your own custom shape in seconds. What only professionals could do, can now easily be done by anyone.
    Transparent Backgrounds We now support exporting images as transparent png's. Simply change the Background color to Transparent and export as .png.
    Strokes On Shapes You can now easily add color strokes to any shape.
    Custom Canvas Shape Whether you’re designing for apparel or making a sticker, set the canvas as any custom shape based on an svg.
    Updated User Interface Our greatest feedback from users is how easy it is to use LiveSwap. We're excited to release new updates to our editor that's even easier to use and help speed up creating your design.
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hey everyone, just a quick update. We’re about to release a big update to LiveSwap next month. We’re looking forward to introducing a few new features such as slide presentation templates, photo masking, all new create design page, custom canvas shape, transparent backgrounds, faster editor and cleaner user experience.

    Thank you for your patience. We can’t wait to show you!

    Happy Pentecost

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hey everyone! We’re working on new features for LiveSwap and would love to get your feedback! Click here to vote for NEW LiveSwap features you would you like to see!

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • We’re seeing so many great designs created by everyone!

    Update: Our development team has been hard at work building new features for 2019! We appreciate all your feedback and feature requests. We have been VERY busy to say the least.

    Below are a few new templates for Christmas.


    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • New print ready export options with bleed!
    You can now create designs with inch-based dimensions and export high quality print-ready pdf files.

    Crop marks can be optionally included, which adds a .025 inch margin upon export. To support full-bleed printing, half of this margin is filled with your background/objects that extend beyond the edge of the canvas.

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hope everyone enjoyed Labor Day! We just released a new feature that allows you to select multiple text boxes that are different sizes and resize them all simultaneously by grabbing and dragging any corner. We also fixed a few bugs, see below.

    Bugs Fixed
    Color Picker Now shows each color accurately on hover.
    Color Picker Selection Now each selection made shows the color value within the large color picker box.
    Grouped lines rotation Rotation has been fixed when multiple lines are grouped.
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • New font ‘Sucre’ now available by the talented Jen Wagner.

    Inspired by mid-century print design, Sucre is a super-condensed vintage all-caps sans that is perfect for headlines, logos, quotes, and more! The height of Sucre draws attention and the condensed letters create a visually-appealing mid century modern feel.

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hey friends, we have been hard at work releasing new features. We’re excited to announce that LiveSwap now allows you to upload your own fonts and share them with your team. Watch the video below to learn how!


    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Quick update! We are absolutely thrilled to announce that LiveSwap has partnered with UnSplash to bring you thousands of additional photos to choose from within our app. Watch the video below!

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • We’re excited to announce that you may now export your designs from LiveSwap to Faithlife Proclaim presentation software. Watch the video below to learn how.


    We've been working tirelessly on new features. Keep an eye out!

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hey everyone!

    Our team has spent the last three weeks updating LiveSwap. We’re happy to announce that LiveSwap is officially out of beta and open to everyone with new features!

    New Features:

    1. Team Sharing
    Invite more people on your team to use LiveSwap for an additional $9/mo per user! Start by easily sharing design projects and working on them together.

    2. Export to Planning Center
    You may now export and send directly to Planning Center. Also begin scheduling your designs to your social media accounts with Buffer!

    Be sure to perform a hard refresh on your browser by holding the Shift key and clicking the refresh icon. Also, if you happen to find a bug, please continue to send us the problem along with the browser you’re using.

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hey everyone!

    We’re exciting to announce that our Create Design page is now live. You may now choose the size of your canvas before you start your design. Simply click the Create Design tab in the header and follow the instructions.

    Bugs Fixed
    Text displacement after export This pesky bug has been fixed. Folks having troubles with this bug will need to create or rebuild a new project from scratch to ensure this does not happen. Also, please hold the shift key and click the refresh icon to perform a hard refresh.
    Photo import delay Photos imported not displaying on canvas or hidden. Photo often appearing after export design.
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing Easter!

    New features have been released!

    1// Default canvas sizes are here! Now you can immediately resize any design instantly. Choose the Resize Canvas icon to get started. Within the dropdown menu, choose Social Posts, Headers, Presentation, Print or Custom Size.

    2// Export to PDF

    3// Reset sliders in one click for photos and text

    Bugs Fixed
    Unable to open exported jpgs from LiveSwap in other apps *Fixed
    When deleting text completely, text comes back. *Fixed
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Important updates!

    Color picker feature is now available on LiveSwap. While object is selected, open the color palette box. Under the Document colors, click the eye dropper icon and hover over any object or picture. Once you find the color you like, simply click and the object selected will turn that color.

    Large Designs Not Exporting *Fixed
    Interent Explorer *No longer supported. Please use Edge, Chrome or Firefox
    My Projects Dimensions *Document size after resize are now reflected within My Projects page
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Happy March everyone! Easter is getting close and we have some new templates ready to be used. We are hard at work completing additional features coming very soon. One of them being our new color eye drop tool. This will essentially allow you to choose any color from a photo or object and apply it to other objects within the canvas.


    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • We’re excited to announce a few things!

    1) We have partnered with the talented Lettersiro to include new fonts Amsterdam, Holland, Calling Heart, Gisellia and The Beauty.
    2) SVG’s may now be imported with multiple objects in multiple colors. This is great, especially for logos.

    Bugs Fixed
    Selecting third object below Hold Command or Control and click top object, click again to select second object, click again to select third object and so on.
    My Projects Page Faster preview update
  • Good day everyone! Couple updates today:

    1. Custom file names are now applied to file after Export. This means, when you edit your design title within the editor or My Projects page it will apply the custom name as the file name.

    2. Photo filters are here! Apply color overlay, transparency, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, hue and blur.

    Bugs Fixed
    Text Shifting Text shifting after clicking off of text box.
    Text letters cutting off Certain fonts were cutting off letters above or below text box.
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hey everyone, new templates have arrived. Our next beta release will consist of more bugs fixed and our new photo editor. Keep an eye out!

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Update time! Our development team released a feature I’ve personally been waiting for. When selecting a photo or dropping a photo within your design, you now have the option to set the photo in the center of the canvas or set in the background. When setting a photo in the background, the photo will now cover your entire canvas. To control the photo, click the Background icon on the right side of your browser to edit photo and reposition.

    Bugs Fixed
    Text after Export Text showing in different position after Export
    Text Fragments Text fragments appearing when changing font style or moving text box.
    Clone Text Text controls not working after clone.
    Text overlap Part of text disappearing when overlap of other text occurs.
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Big update today! Access LiveSwap templates within our new ‘Social’ category on CreationSwap or click the ‘LiveSwap only’ checkbox on the left side, within the CreationSwap gallery. Within CreationSwap, choose to download the graphic as is or click the ‘Edit in LiveSwap’ button.

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • New updates ready! Please refresh your browser by holding Shift key and click the refresh button before you start designing.

    New Features
    Group objects To group objects, simply select two objects by holding the shift key. In the right nav, select Group Objects (Yes)
    Color editing within group While two or more shapes are grouped, the colors within the group will be displayed and can be individually changed.
    Arrange Now you can send objects forward and backward step by step or send forward or to the back completely.
    Align While two or more objects are selected, you may align all objects to the right, left, center, top or bottom.
    Spacing If three or more objects are selected, click the vertical or horizontal spacing.

    Happy new year!

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! I’m really excited about our next beta release coming VERY soon:

    1. Group Objects
    2. Color editing within group
    3. Arrange
    4. Align
    5. Spacing

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Update time! Be sure to refresh your browser by holding (Shift) key and click refresh icon.

    User Interface Zoom and Undo controls now in upper left corner. Chat support now on bottom left.
    Feature Released: Resize Canvas Option To resize your canvas, simply click on the Resize icon toward the bottom on the right side of your browser. Canvas resize based off pixels for now.
    Bug Fixed: Menu above selected objects now disappear upon moving object and reappear once object has been released.
    Bug Fixed: Color picker shifting when moving sliders.
    Selection Bug In Progress Issues of object selection on PC's are still being fixed and tested. Users finding difficult to select objects and lines.
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Hey everyone, new templates have been released. We’re receiving some great feedback and getting these bugs under control. Many of you have asked about resizing your canvas. This feature will be available very soon.

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • LiveSwap beta version 1.1 has been released. Also, big welcome to new Founding Members just joining us. We’re also excited to announce additional fonts added from the beautifully talented Jen Wagner.

    Fonts Added: Florence, Sydney, Charleston & Malibu

    Bugs Fixed / Features
    Bug Fixed: Export Type and layout appeared to look different after exporting design.
    Feature Added Export designs from My Projects page
    Feature Added Delete designs from My Projects page
    Feature Added Clone designs from My Projects page
    Feature Added New fonts: Sydney, Florence, Charleston and Malibu from the talented Jen Wagner.
    Feature Added Live Font Scroll: Select your type > click the Type Face font > while text is select, use the scroll bar at the top to flip through fonts quickly.
    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs!

    Some of you reported designs looking different after export. This bug with many other bugs will be fixed on our next release next week. Also new features unlocked next week as well!

    Keep testing Founding Member! You’re doing great.

  • December is almost here. I’m in love with these new template styles. We’re also seeing many of you diving in, keep finding those bugs y’all!

  • Ok seriously, how does anyone drink egg nog?!? Lol!

    Hey all! Looking forward to seeing your LiveSwap designs. Make sure to hashtag #LiveSwap when posting to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Beta 1.0 will consist of Founding Members testing our editor. For now, you are able to create a 1080px by 1080px social media graphic. Additional and custom sizes will be released after our initial testing phase.

    If you happen to find a bug, click the purple chat icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

    Until my next update,

    Athena LiveSwap Ambassador